Tattoo Artist - Salem, NH

The Story

Even after a few years learning graphic arts, printing, and desktop publishing in high school, I went off to college to be a fine art photographer. Unfortunately, I never learned in school how to shoot properly in a studio, or prepare for any kind of commercial process. I had to teach my self how to use lights and shoot in a studio through trial and error and paying attention to  photographers I've worked with as creative director years later, while everything I learned about communicating with light and composition came from the very great teachers at Mass Art and their pushing me to experiment and find a style.
Brian McPhereson - Berkeley, California - photoshoot for "American Boy, American Girl" album cover

Shots from an underground fight club at biker clubhouse in Oakland, CA (all fighters were willing participants) 

NASCAR Kid On Bike – Daytona, FL
The Promise Ring – Boston, MA