The Story

Sportvision gave me the use of technology that could record infinite amounts of data from sports events using everything from laser beams to ICBM missile tracking systems – and then play it back. It was my job to find inventive ways of augmenting the live sports event, both on the television broadcast, on digital devices, and even in the (Nascar) pits. 


SV Emmy Reel

A reel highlighting eight of the Emmy Award-winning broadcast and interactive products I lead creative development for at Sportvision.  

NFL Future Concepts Reel

Mockups, experiments, and prototypes of interactive applications and real-time broadcast graphics based on technology (circa 2007) used to track players and the ball, while also harvesting a library of data around athletic performance and the physics of the game.

Digital Record of Sports

Existing products and conceptual improvements based on emerging tracking technologies, including in-camera visual tracking, laser and LiDAR, infrared light, and equipment fitted with precise measurement instrumentation. 

PGA TourCast by IBM

A second screen experience that lets users view and analyze every shot, round, and match of the professional golf tour, on the web at any time. This product won the 2005 Emmy Award for Advanced Media Technology for the Enhancement of Original Television Content. RaceView

Using our data stream coming from the cars, we created an interactive 3D animation of the race and delivered it to thousands of users with about 20 seconds delay. Users could direct motion of virtual cameras and listen in on team radio communication, giving race fans a previously impossible point of view.


NFL Broadcast Virtual Effects

Some of the innovations and designs that used the yellow line technology. I had the privilege of designing how these colorful branded graphics move across the field, but I also had the challenge to develop a process and configure the software to efficiently produce these graphics in a wild live broadcast production environment like the NFL. 


The ultimate digital companion to the Indycar Racing League broadcast lets users analyze the race with all the stats a pit commander would have, plus a graphical dash that shows cockpit controls as the drive manipulates them in real time.